Pinetree Space's GEN Tokenswap will utilize various DEXs such as Sushiswap and Uniswap in consideration of the stability of the initial liquidity pool. When the liquidity supply of GEN becomes sufficient in the future, a liquidity pool within Pinetree Space will be formed to provide the swap function, and liquidity pools for various projects that will enter the Pinetree Space ecosystem will be selected and provided.

Pinetree Space Tokenswap

A method to exchange one token for another through Pinetree Space's Tokenswap liquidity pool. A 0.25% transaction fee occurs when Tokenswap is traded in Pinetree Space, and it is used as follows.
  • 0.15% - Sent to Staking Poll in the form of commission compensation for liquidity providers
  • 0.05% - Pinetree Space revenue transferred to Treasury wallet
  • 0.05% - Transfer to GBF (Gen Burn Fund) for Generation burn
Last modified 1mo ago