What is Generation?

Generation is a project that provides users with interoperability between various chains and helps them leverage data sovereignty in the Web3 Ecosystem.

Generation provides secure Wallet and Social features to facilitate secure interoperability between blockchains. By utilizing Generation's product such as Wallet, Social, and Asset Management, tokens and data between blockchains can be easily and securely interoperable, and users can build a space to utilize various functions and have their data sovereignty.

Why Generation?

Generation consists of two products, Social and Wallet features of the 3 Seconds Club, and Asset Management function of Timelockers.

Generation integrates various platforms using the Chat SDK of 3 Seconds Club, and utilizes the features of 3 Seconds Club and Timelockers to provide infrastructure for leveraging data sovereignty.

The 3 Seconds Club's Wallet can quickly expand to EVM-compatible blockchains based on versatile ETH.

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