Burn mechanism

GBF(GEN Burn Fund)

GBF transmits the revenue/fee generated from GEN Product and Ecosystem to GBF. However, if a non-GEN token is generated as a fee, it is exchanged for a GEN token through DEX and transferred to GBF.
The Generation Foundation incinerates the GEN collected by GBF every month, and after incineration, the community will be officially informed about the remaining amount of issuance after incineration.


Pinetree Space

  • Token Swap: Incineration of Transaction Fee 0.05%
  • Marketplace: ETH Transaction Fee: 1.25% / GEN Transaction Fee 0.75% Incineration in progress
  • NFT-Fi: Loan Fee 2.5% / Interest Fee 5% Incineration
  • NFT Owner: Incinerate 100 GEN with NFT owner privileges to use 1 bGEN
  • NFT Mint: When making NFT and NFT Emoji, use 1 bGEN by burning 1 GEN per one
  • Fever Staking: stGEN:GEN incinerate at an exchange rate of 100:1

3 Seconds Club

*The detailed burn mechanism of 3 Seconds Club will be revealed in the future.