Chat SDK

Existing Web2 Chat Applications are provided in a mobile and desktop environment, and can only be used in apps specified by the Web2 service provider. Although Web2 chat services also attempt to create various integrated environments through API exposure, this is limited.

Generation's Chat SDK allows anyone to easily connect chat functionality to web and mobile environments with simple code. The integrated chat through Chat SDK can be connected to MetaMask and integrated with the 3 Seconds Club chat server. This allows users to chat with their own accounts on platforms using Chat SDK and utilize the features provided by 3 Seconds Club.

The default number of participants in a chat in the Chat SDK is 10, and GEN staking is required to increase the number of participants.

Staking 1 GEN increases the maximum number of participants in a chat by 1. For example, staking 50 GEN increases the maximum number of participants in a chat to 60. The Chat SDK supports not only web but also mobile app integration or in-game integration.

Using Chat SDK in various environments makes it easy to integrate Blockchain Wallet Services.

GEN Staking Amount = n GEN Maximum User = n GEN+10

The Chat SDK provides all the features of 3 Seconds Club and allows developers to integrate dedicated bots into their Group Channels and Group Chats using the upcoming Bot API.

*Chat SDK's release and availability will be announced through official notices prior to its launch.

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