dShop is a service that allows you to sell files through transactions on the blockchain using Escrow contract.

Sellers can easily upload and sell their digital assets using IPFS. Buyers can easily purchase desired files from the public dShop, and securely purchase desired files using the Escrow Contract on the private dShop.

dShop (File to Coin)


  1. The file seller uploads the file using the IPFS uploader, and the file is uploaded to IPFS. The IPFS path is registered on the Generation server, and a File ID is issued.

  2. The seller registers the returned File ID when creating the dShop.

  3. The seller can open the dShop after setting the File ID, sale price, sale count, room settings (public, private), and deposit settings. The sale count can be set from a minimum of 1 to infinite.

  4. File sellers can set a security deposit to cover the possibility that a buyer won't be able to download the file after payment. The deposit can be set in GEN or USDT. The seller must deposit 10 times the selling price of the file. The deposit is tied to the account and can be withdrawn when the dShop sale is closed.

  5. A dShop that is set to public is displayed on the dShop main page, and a dShop that is set to private is only accessible to users with a URL link.

  6. The seller receives the tokens excluding the commission.

  7. When a buyer purchases a file from the dShop, they request the file URL corresponding to the File ID from the Generation server.

  8. The Generation server verifies the file ID and sends the IPFS URL where the file is uploaded to the buyer.

  9. The buyer can download the file using the IPFS URL.

dShop Escrow Fee: 1%

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