Airdrops can be utilized among 3 Seconds Club's Group Chat users, separate from the Airdrop provided by Group Channels on Timelockers.


Airdrop Claim


  1. The owner user who created the Chat Channel or Group Chat can use the Airdrop Claim function to activate community engagement.

  2. The owner executes the 'Airdrop' function.

  3. When the Airdrop feature is enabled, a contract is created and you deposit the quantity of assets to be airdropped.

  4. The number of users who will participate in the Airdrop Claim can be set, and the Claim can be activated.

  5. When Airdrop Claim is enabled, the Claim bar at the top of the chat is activated, and users in the chat can claim. The Claim bar will automatically disappear when the amount deposited is exhausted.

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