INSPIRE THE WORLD : Connect the Generations

Generation aims to establish an Ecosystem in the Web3 blockchain world where users can manage and choose their own values on the three fundamental aspects, namely 'Freedom', 'Sovereignty', and 'Decentralization'. The ultimate vision of Generation is to construct a seamless infrastructure that will provide users an easy access to the Web3 Ecosystem, where they can participate in diverse activities on multiple blockchain platforms and networks, while having full control and ownership over their digital assets and security.

Generation's Vision is composed of three fundamental values.

  1. Freedom

  2. Sovereignty

  3. Decentralization

These three core values represent Generation's important perspective in activating the Web3 Ecosystem.


Currently, Web2 social platforms store conversations between users on centralized servers. Through the 3 Seconds Club, conversations between users are not stored permanently on centralized servers, ensuring privacy.

By using an initially centralized server, the barrier to entry for users is lowered, and by introducing Chat SDK, users of Web2 and Web3 platforms can communicate freely with each other.

Generation is working to build infrastructure that enables easy and free communication within the Web3 Ecosystem.


Although we operate within the Web3 Ecosystem, we are not truly free as our data sovereignty is often tied to each platform.

For example, NFTs issued through a specific marketplace may be difficult to monetize on other platforms that do not support the marketplace.

Through Timelockers, users can leverage their data sovereignty by engaging in easy and secure OTC and P2P transactions using the Escrow Contract function.

Generation aims to build an Ecosystem where users, as owners of their data, can utilize and maintain their data sovereignty themselves.


Our goal is to move away from centralized platform models and build an Ecosystem where we can achieve freedom of expression through the 3 Seconds Club, and where users can leverage their sovereignty over data assets that are otherwise dependent on centralized platforms through Timelockers.

Through Generation, we can imagine a future where we use decentralized services and manage our assets independently.

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