Voting is a way for the community to suggest opinions on creating and developing a healthy Ecosystem for Generation. Users can propose and vote on key decisions and proposals for Generation on Timelockers, and the selected decisions made through voting should be carefully considered for the development of Generation.

*Detailed information will be provided when the Voting service is opened.



  1. Voting Power (VP) is calculated 1:1 through GEN Gate Keeper Staking.

    : 1 Gate Keeper Staking GEN = 1 VP

  2. Creating a Proposal

    Proposals can be submitted through your Ethereum Wallet, and once submitted, they are registered in the contract and available for voting for a period of time.

  3. Vote

    Users with VP can vote through their Ethereum Wallet. Clicking upvote or downvote sends a voting transaction from their Ethereum Wallet. After the voting period ends, you can review the proposal results.

*Generation DAO follows the result of the majority in Proposal voting.

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