Lottery is a service offered by Timelockers, and there are two types of Lottery services provided. In addition to these services, 3 Seconds Club offers a Lottery service that can be used among users within a Group Chat.



  1. Only the owner user who created the Chat Channel or Group Chat can use the Lottery function.

  2. The owner executes the ‘Lottery’ function in the chat.

  3. When setting the Lottery participation period, participating coin types and quantities, and maximum fundraising amount, a Lottery Contract is created.

  4. Users who want to participate in the Lottery must deposit tokens according to the participation conditions set in the Contract.

  5. After the participation period ends, the final winner is selected through a drawing using Chainlink VRF.

  6. The final winner receives the fundraising amount minus the commission fee.

Lottery Escrow Fee: 2%

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