Traditional Web2 social media is managed and monitored by a centralized platform. Chats in the 3 Second Club are only kept on the centralized server for 30 days, after which they are deleted from the centralized server. Prior to deletion, previous chat history is available through previous IPFS backups.

The chat history stored on the centralized server is encrypted and cannot be viewed even by 3 Seconds Club developers, so you can be assured of your privacy.



  1. To use 3 Seconds Club, you need to create a wallet and account using the mnemonic code.

  2. To create a chat room with another user, you need to confirm their wallet address and select the chat type (Personal Chat, Group Chat, Private Chat - to be provided later) before creating the room.

  3. All chats except for Private Chat are stored on a centralized server for 30 days, after which the chat history is deleted sequentially.

  4. Before the 30 days are up, you can back up your chat history and store it in IPFS. Chat history can be downloaded from the IPFS network after backup.

  5. If you want to change the chat type, you can use GEN to modify the chat settings. ex) Personal > Private, Private > Personal

Chat Features

  • 1:1 Chat

  • Chat History Retention for 30 Days

  • Escrow

  • Asset Transfer

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