Airdrop is a system that provides fairer airdrops to the community through airdrop contracts.

Currently, the blockchain community is divided into several communities, each of which provides only basic community functions such as simple chat.

Airdrop Claims adds a simple coin airdrop feature to the community, giving projects and users who use the community the ability to easily and conveniently conduct fair airdrops.

Airdrop Claim


  1. Owner users who have created a chat channel or group chat can activate the community using the airdrop billing feature.

  2. Owner executes the 'Airdrop' function.

  3. When the airdrop feature is enabled, a contract is created and the quantity of assets to be airdropped is deposit into the contract.

  4. When the Airdrop function is activated, a contract is created, and the quantity of assets to be Airdropped is deposited into the contract.

  5. The owner can set and enable the number of claim users in the Airdrop Contract.

  6. When airdrop claims are enabled, the claim bar at the top of the chat channel becomes active, and users in the chat channel can proceed with their claims. The claim bar will automatically disappear when the deposit quantity is exhausted.

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