🌐GEN Tokenomics

GEN is a token used for governance and utility within the Generation Ecosystem.

Generation provides an inflation and deflation model for the GEN token to ensure stable liquidity within the Ecosystem.

Token Information

Token name




Total supply


Contracts (Ethereum)


Contracts (Arbitrum)


Token Utility

  • Currency - Used as a currency within Timelockers, 3 Seconds Club, and the Ecosystem

  • Gate Keeper - Provide permissions such as VP (Voting Power), Group Channel Owner, etc. for GEN Staking

  • GEN Reward - Payment of Staking Rewards

  • Governance - Participation in the DAO organization of the GEN Ecosystem


  • Escrow(OTC) Transaction Fee : 2%

  • Escrow(dShop) Transaction Fee : 1%

  • Lottery Transaction Fee : 2%


  • Gate Keeper Reward

  • Fever Staking Reward

Deflation Model

GEN products are monetized with transaction Fees, and a portion of that revenue is designated to be transferred to the GEN Burn Fund (GBF) for token burning. Rewards generated from Gatekeeper and Fever Staking are offset to balance the liquidity supply in the Generation Ecosystem.

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