GEN Tokenomics

GEN is a token used for governance and utility in the Generation ecosystem. Generation provides an inflation and deflation mechanism for the stable supply of GEN Token to the ecosystem. Generation provides unique functions such as Gate Keerper to ensure protocol security and governance. Generation maintains balance through inflation and deflation models to prevent the reckless supply of GEN Token and activates GEN Token. Generation provides a blockchain infrastructure service that allows all blockchain networks to be fully compatible in the Web 3.0 era.

Token Information

Token Name
Total Supply
Contracts (Ethereum)

Token Utility

  • Governance - Participation in the DAO organization in the GEN Ecosystem
  • Currency - Use of GEN in Pinetree Space and Ecosystem
  • Reward - Incentive compensation according to GEN ecosystem activities
  • NFT - NFT Owner rights and used to create NFT/NFT Emoji
  • Gate Keeper - GEN Protocol Validator, VP (Voting Power) provided when GEN Staking
  • 3 Seconds Club - Used per chat channel and per chat


  • Pinetree Space Marketplace Transaction Fee 2.5% (GEN Token Fee 1.5%)
  • NFT-Fi Lending Transaction Fee 2.5%, Lending Interest Fee 5%
  • Pinetree Space Swap Transaction Fee 0.25%
  • 3 Seconds Club - Chat Channel Duration Extension Fee
  • 3 Seconds Club - GEN fee incurred during the chat


  • Gate Keeper validator reward
  • Fever Staking reward

Deflation Model

Among the fees and profits generated by using GEN in the Generation ecosystem, GEN is transferred to GBF (GEN Burn Fund) according to the Burn Mechanism rule and incinerated, and the rewards through Gate Keeper Validator rewards and Fever Staking are offset by Generation’s Maintain the ecosystem supply balance.