GEN wallet allow users to check the balance of assets such as ETH, GEN, bGEN, and stGEN held by the blockchain network wallet connected to the Pinetree Space. NFT project owners can check NFT royalty income, and staking users can check the locked staking quantity, rewards, and APY for Gate Keeper staking and fever staking.


1. bGEN

bGEN is a Pinetree Space point obtained in a 1:1 ratio when GEN is burned, and bGEN is consumed when creating an NFT project or minting NFTs. However, bGEN obtained by burning GEN cannot be changed back to GEN.

2. stGEN

stGEN is a token that allows Fever Staking. GEN is exchanged for stGEN, and the exchanged GEN is burned. GEN and stGEN are exchanged in a 100:1 ratio.
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