Interoperable Blockchain for All

GEN Outline

Generation (GEN) is an interoperable protocol for extending the Web 3.0 ecosystem.
GEN intends to actively support the three values of 'freedom', 'sovereignty', and 'decentralization' while composing the Web 3.0 ecosystem. The first 'freedom' guarantees 'freedom' of expression and the privacy of data by utilizing blockchain. The second 'sovereignty' allows users to strengthen and own the 'data sovereignty' in the Generation ecosystem in line with the Web 3.0 era and obtain rewards by using it. The third 'decentralization' utilizes Generation Protocol to operate decentralized networks and assets.
Through these three values, users can experience the true Web 3.0 and become the members of GEN ecosystem.

Why Generation?

GEN utilizes the GEN Protocol to allow projects of various blockchain networks to solve the on-chain scalability trilemma of the blockchain network by utilizing the functions of GEN Protocol and Generation's products, Pinetree Space and 3 Seconds Club. Participants can expand and complete the Web 3.0 ecosystem with users through fast transaction speed and payment.

GEN Offers

  • Solution - GEN Protocol: Provides an opportunity for rapid mass adoption of various Web 2.0 technologies as DApps in the Generation ecosystem.
  • Product - Pinetree Space: Provides various functional services and APIs to activate the GEN ecosystem - 3 Seconds Club: Exclusive Blockchain Social Media Club
  • GEN Fund - Ecosystem Fund: Organize project funds to activate the GEN ecosystem
  • Governance - Gen Governance: DAO organization that makes important decisions in the GEN ecosystem
  • Generation(GEN) - Generation: GEN is a token that provides governance and utility functions of the Generation ecosystem.